Mission Statement

It has been our mission to make The Pointe Dance Centre a friendly and inspiring place for dancers of all ages to learn and grow since we first opened in 2004.

Our studio values of friendship, artistry, perseverance and performance are embraced by our staff and instructors and passed on to our students and their families through thoughtful programming, communication and teamwork.

Mission Statement

It has been our mission to make The Pointe Dance Centre a friendly and inspiring place for dancers of all ages to learn and grow since we first opened in 2004.

Our studio values of friendship, artistry, perseverance and performance are embraced by our staff and instructors and passed on to our students and their families through thoughtful programming, communication and teamwork.

Our Studio Values

Each dance studio has a unique set of values that you can feel from the moment you walk through the door. Our studio values have been as follows since we first started taking dancers from “first steps to future stars” back in 2004.

Friendship, Artistry, Perseverance, Performance

We believe that fostering friendship among our dance families and students is a huge factor in making their experience of dance positive and memorable. We’re also aware of the changing social needs of our students at their different ages and stages of development. Our staff and instructors go out of their way to make sure all of the families and students in our studio feel welcomed, included and inspired day to day and at studio events.

Artistry and Perseverance
Dance training requires discipline and commitment. Perseverance throughout challenges is one of the most valuable things we can learn in life and it is a skill that dance nurtures at every age and stage. There must be artistry and joy in the classroom as well as hard work in order to reap the benefits of increased self-esteem and confidence that comes from mastering difficult skills. Our qualified and experienced instructors are passionate about keeping all of our students inspired and challenged, each and every class.

Performing is “The Pointe”! Dance is a performing art. Opportunities to perform (in class for one another, at informal in class presentations and at the year end recital, or even at other events or competitions) are essential to a well rounded dance experience. Our staff and instructors are committed to making every performance a worthwhile and magical learning experience.

Our Team

Miss Helen

Director, Instructor

Miss Helen attended performing arts college in England before returning to Canada and pursing her Bachelor of Arts in Dance at York University. After graduating she and Miss Kate opened Body Language Academy of Dance. In 2017 the studio expanded to its current location and was renamed The Pointe Dance Centre. Miss Helen has taught dance to children and adults for just over twenty years now. Running the studio keeps her busy but she always has time to chat with the students and parents at The Pointe. At the moment she’s most passionate about making sure the studio is an inspiring and welcoming place for students of all ages.

Miss Kate

Co-Founder, Instructor, Studio Manager

Miss Kate attended York University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance. She most enjoys teaching the Tiny Dancers and First Steps students. She’s always learning new songs to sing with the children and inventing new exercises and games to keep them engaged and learning. She is also a licensed Kindermusik instructor and she enjoys volunteering at nursery schools and daycares as an occasional dance and music teacher. As the Studio Manager, Miss Kate works closely with parents, students and studio renters to make sure they have an amazing experience at The Pointe.

Miss Karen


Miss Karen earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance at York University. From there she continued her studies at the National Ballet of Canada and she’s been teaching Royal Academy of Dance ballet to The Pointe students for more than ten years. Miss Karen is the kind of teacher who goes above and beyond for her students, always searching for a new way to teach a tricky concept or explain a difficult technique. She’s constantly updating her own dance and acrobatic skills and pursuing additional certificates and qualifications.

Miss Ciarra

Dance Team Co-ordinator, Instructor

Miss Ciarra graduated from George Brown College with a certificate in Performing Arts and completed her Acrobatic Arts certification in 2020. She enjoys creating innovative lessons and dances and always strives to make learning fun for all her students. In 2021 she was promoted to Dance Team Coordinator and our Team dancers are thriving under her positive and encouraging leadership.

Miss Taylor


Miss Taylor completed her dance studies at Centennial College in 2017. She prides herself on maintaining a joyful atmosphere in her classroom and she strives to inspire a real passion for dance in each and every one of her students.

Our Story

Studio founders, Helen Kolacevic and Kate Tomaszewski first met while studying dance at York University. After they graduated they began teaching dance classes at Annette Recreation Centre on Tuesday evenings. By the end of the following year they had over one hundred and sixty pre-school and kindergarten dance students coming to class every week. They realized that their passion for inspiring tiny dancers had created something special and Body Language Academy of Dance was born.

They moved from their small location at the corner of Bloor Street West and Windermere to a slightly less small location at the corner of Jane and Ardagh in September of 2011. Their specialty was still Early Years dance classes, but they also added a range of classes for older children and several performance teams for their students who just couldn’t get enough of performing.

In September 2017, fourteen years after they first started teaching at Annette Recreation Centre, they expanded to the current studio location at the corner of Jane and Annette. They renamed the studio and reorganized their instructors and programs to better serve dancers of all ages. Miss Helen and Miss Kate are so proud that The Pointe Dance Centre continues to be a welcoming and inspiring place where their students can laugh, learn and grow — at any age.

You’re welcome to drop by during office hours to check out the new facility and chat about the programs the studio is offering.

Office Hours (Sept-June): Monday-Thursday 4-8 p.m. and Saturday 9-1 p.m.
Office Hours (July-August): Tuesday and Thursday 4-7 p.m. 

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Sarah started dancing at The Pointe Dance Centre 10 years ago. We chose the studio because we were looking for a nurturing and positive dance experience.

The Pointe Dance Centre is a studio that teaches a love of dance and movement, and builds confidence through inclusive and creative performances.

Sarah likes that the teachers are fun and  that they care, and that they don’t make it competitive. All of the teachers love dancing and sharing their passion for dance with their students.

The students support one another and treat each other with consideration and respect.

From dance Sarah has learned to appreciate what she can do. She loves music and to move, and is willing to try new things. We have seen how her confidence from dance and performing has carried over to other aspects of her life, where she is comfortable speaking her mind and making healthy decisions.


We LOVE The Pointe Dance Center. Miss Helen and Miss Kate are amazing. Their calm, patient and supportive nature is the reason our daughter loves going there so much.

They run very well organized and fun camps and PA day activities. The new Dance Club is perfect. They’ve hit the mark with this one. School pick up and dance class all in one.

The performances the kids put on are incredible. I’m amazed at how much they can teach in just a week (for the camps). Our daughter had become quite the performer since starting their programs.


The Pointe Dance Centre is a true gem. Amazing teachers, talented and passionate. My daughter has been dancing here since kindergarten, now in the competitive teams still loves this place as much as she did they day she started.


When my daughter started dance lessons at The Pointe she was 3, incredibly shy and apprehensive about leaving me for dance.  Miss Kate and Miss Helen are so patient and warm, within months my daughter had found her tribe and come completely out of her shell.

My daughter really enjoyed Princess Camp over March break and during the summer.  The little performances at the end of the week are beyond cute and the children really love having parents and caregivers see them perform!

When you walk in the door at The Pointe you’re met with a genuine smile and instructors who are passionate about sharing the love of dance – such a gem!


A wonderful neighbourhood dance studio. The teachers are fantastic and my daughter loves to come every week. Her confidence, passion for dance and friendships have flourished over her years at the Pointe.


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